RadonAway® RP145i and 265i Radon Fans

These RPi model fans are designed specifically for radon sump mitigation systems. They are built to perform effectively in most climate and soil conditions. RadonAway® UK and Ireland customers will discover that, with these fan models they can handle most of their radon mitigation jobs, from the most routine to the most challenging.


Fan Features

  • Energy efficient
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Meet all electrical code requirements
  • Water-hardened motorized impeller
  • Seams sealed to inhibit radon leakage (RP145i double-snap sealed)
  • ETL Listed - for indoor or outdoor use
  • CE Listed
  • Thermally protected motor
  • Rated for commercial and residential use
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty

RadonAway® Easy Read U-Tube Manometer

Installed in nearly a million homes to date, the Easy Read U-Tube Manometer measures vacuum pressure, allowing the homeowner to know at a glance whether the radon system is operating.* Our u-tube manometer is packaged as part of a System Monitoring kit containing system and component labels.

* This device does NOT measure radon levels.

U Tube Features

  • Reads 0-4.5" WC
  • Non-toxic fluid
  • Adjustable zero
  • Moulded scale curved to fit system pipe

RadonAway® RadStar GM1-2

The GM 1-2 is a one-of-a-kind grab sampler/micro manometer diagnostic aid designed specifically for the needs of radon mitigation professionals. The radon grab sampler feature is the perfect diagnostic tool to assist you in finding radon sources. The micro manometer measures pressure field extension.

GM 1-2 Features

  • Radon Grab Sampler
    • Performs a 6 minute radon grab sample
    • Displays real-time alpha particle counts
    • Readings can be in pCi/l or Bq/m3
    • Approximately 5-hour battery life

  • Micro Manometer
    • Time Average option adjusts readings for high wind or other environmental conditions
    • Readings can be in WC or Pascals
    • Approximately 5-day battery life if only being used as a micro manometer